Zulkarnian Anas


Zulkarnain started picking up tennis at the of age 40 in 2008 and learned mainly from Oscar Wegner’s DVDs and book. “What I like about his method is that he really emphasize how the top players play right from the beginning of his instruction”. He was mainly attracted to tennis after seeing how gracefully the game is played by top players,     “and that is what Oscar Wegner’s method will teach you. If you are an adult learner like myself, you wouldn’t want to waste few years of lessons just to be able to hit and move like the pros. After all, most probably we cannot have the stamina and athleticism of top players but we can copy and acquire their strokes and move naturally.

Zulkarnain considers himself a “learning partner” rather than a coach.  He gives tips to beginners and notices that because MTM is so easy to comprehend people can take it from there.  Zulkarnain is confident that being self taught strictly with Oscar Wegner's method gives him the ability to genuinely pass his method to others, emphasizing acquiring good technique first rather that getting results first.

I am really glad to have learned tennis by using Oscar Wegner’z Modern Tennis Methodology from the start, and it has really saved me a lot time to learn what I want. You can learn tennis by yourself by using Oscar Wegner’s DVDs and book. But you can get better faster with a learning partner who really embraces MTM without mixing it up with other methods”.

In addition to his interest in tennis Zulkarnain is a self-taught musician and has created ZEEDIS, a handy tool for musicians and composers.

Zulkarnian Anas

MTM Tennis Professional

Petaling Jaya, MY


[email protected]