Thiago Antunes


Although tennis is a passion since his early childhood, Thiago never pursued a career in tennis, either as a player or a coach, and went on to follow his dream to become a musician. In his mid twenties, he started to play competitive recreational tennis and got deeply involved in the study of the technical and mental aspects of the sport, as well as in sports nutrition. After searching for tennis instruction all over the world, he found Oscar and his simple and intuitive approach for the sport, and that changed his life!


With the intention of increasing the number of tennis players in his country, Brazil, as well as spreading the ease of playing and the increase of technical development that follows MTM, Thiago decided to join MTMCA as a fundamental step in his quest for tennis mastery.




Thiago Antunes

MTM Tennis Teacher


Campinas, Brazil



[email protected]


19 99256 6413