Christopher Ayres


Chris started playing tennis recreationally as a teenager.  He is now 44 years old with two children and a grandchild.  His youngest daughter started showing interest in tennis about 6 years ago.  He started hitting with her and realized that she was improving quickly.

Since he could not afford a private coach for his daughter, Chris began reading books and watching videos to learn as much as he could about coaching.  He started breaking the swing down with her and noticed that she did not look smooth (natural) anymore.  He thought it was just growing pains, but the unnatural look continued. 

Chris remembers, "I tried to break her from moving to her left while hitting.  I forced her to step into the ball and follow the ball with her racket.  Her shots started to look mechanical and she struggledI found MTM on YouTube one afternoon and it has changed our lives". 

Chris coached Junior Team Tennis for two years in  Middletown, Delaware. He currently gives private lessons and coaches the girls tennis team at West Port High in Ocala, Florida. Although he has been using MTM with the team for only a couple of months he has already noticed a tremendous difference in the girls’ groundstrokes.  He finds it easier to teach and get results.   Says Chris, “My goal is to teach MTM to anyone willing to learn”.


Christopher Ayres

MTM Tennis Teacher

Ocala, FL



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Chris is hosting a 6-week Tennis Summer Camp at West Port High June 16 - August 1st!