Bruce Cunningham       


Bruce Cunningham is a Modern Tennis Methodology Coach, trained by Oscar Wegner. He lives, sleeps and breathes tennis.  He currently teaches at The Hudlow Tennis Center in Best Friend Park, Norcross, GA.

Bruce is an ambidextrous player who has been an active tennis coach for the past 5 years and played tennis for 32 years. At the age of 13, Bruce’s older brother introduced him to the game of tennis. Those early years provided Bruce his first lessons in athletic innovation.


Bruce has always been fascinated with tennis, getting the most out of his students, developing them physically and mentally. He has incorporated life’s lessons to bring out the best in himself and the athletes he coaches. He is extremely down to earth, humble and passionate about the youth, introducing them to tennis and nurturing their game. All his students, youth and adult, enjoy his vibrant and outgoing personality. His coaching philosophy centers strongly on progression.


Bruce has also been a registered member of the Professional Tennis Registry, studied tennis at Stone Mountain Tennis Center, Georgia State University and Magee Tennis Center in Atlanta, GA where he met fellow MTM coach Arthur Little and became his assistant. He then became an assistant for five years with


As well as being an exceptional tennis player Bruce is also an exceptional athlete. Bruce studies Ving Tsun and applies some of the basics of martial arts to his tennis game and coaching.  His family enthusiastically plays tennis under Bruce’s skillful guidance.






Bruce Cunningham

MTM Tennis Professional

Norcross, GA



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