Amir Benjelloun



Amir Benjelloun was born in Queens, New York. The idea of playing tennis did not come to Amir until he turned fifteen years old and first picked up a racket. After playing tennis for only two months he made the varsity tennis team. He later quit due to personal issues but came back and went on to reach the conference finals and won regional finals with the doubles partner who had introduced him to the sport. Within a year Amir’s mother realized he had a passion and then began a paying for his tennis academy fees along with the help of family and friends. At the academy they called him the "one year wonder" since Amir was able to keep up with one of their top players.

At the age of seventeen Amir started coaching his younger sister and went on to help the newly formed girls Berrien Springs Tennis Team reach state finals for three straight years. He became the assistant coach for the girls tennis team and was nominated the most influential person on the team his sophomore year in college. Amir has worked with players who were all-conference, regional champions, all-state and USTA ranked.

Amir is currently a senior year at Andrews University and a tennis instructor there. His goal in tennis is to help his students reach their potential by focusing on strengthening their tennis fundamentals. He hopes to transfer to his students not only his passion for the game of tennis but also for life.

According to Benjamin, "Oscar Wegner has truly opened the eyes of the tennis world by stating that feel is the most crucial aspect in the game of tennis. I have adopted this philosophy into my style of coaching."


Amir Benjelloun

MTM Tennis Teacher


Berrien Springs, MI



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