David Blowe


Although his full-time job is in tech support for hardware and software,

David has used Oscar's MTM to successfully train his sons and daughter.  With David’s help his oldest son progressed from no tennis in 9th grade to #2 in doubles in tenth, moved from #2 to #1 in singles in 11th grade and #1 in singles as a senior.  He reached the semi-finals in county two years in a row, then went on to play Division 1 at Morgan State University.

As 12th and 9th graders respectively David’s 2 sons Andrew and David  played #1 and #2 singles on the Thomas Johnson High School tennis team.  His younger son continued to play #2 singles in the 10th grade, advanced to #1 singles in 11th and 12th grade then went on to Division III at Hood College, playing #2 in singles and #1 in doubles.

As a freshman in High school David’s daughter Bridgett is playing #1 singles as well as G18's.  At 13 she earned a pro wild card, but was unable to use it because of her age.  Says David, “My daughter is able to compete with bigger ‘girls’, some bigger than me and stronger/faster too, by feeling the ball and top spin”.  In April 2012 Bridgett won an in-state Level 4 USTA 18-and-under tournament, and raised her high school record to 9-0 with a #1 singles straight-sets win.

Together with his sons David is a Tennis Instructor for the City Recreation Center Center in Frederick, MD and gives private lessons when his schedule permits.


David Blowe

MTM Tennis Teacher

Frederick, MD

[email protected]



City Of Frederick Parks & Rec