Bert Bozeman


Bert teaches and coaches tennis in the Middle Georgia area.  He is Head Tennis Coach for both girls and boys programs at Perry High School.  Bert started studying Oscar’s method in 1994.  “I have studied and used Oscar’s method since the early 90’s.  Oscar is a true genius.  I’m still amazed by the results. Besides its beautiful simplicity and the rapid improvement in players the most amazing thing is how much more fun he makes the game to play and teach.”

In May 2010 Bert hosted a series of MTM clinics with Oscar in Perry, GA.  Oscar was very impressed that as a career educator Bert understands how to appeal to both the interest level and natural instincts of his kids.  Bert’s work with children and adult players in the Perry area continues to be a wonderful community service and inspiration to local tennis enthusiasts.


Bert Bozeman

MTM Tennis Professional

Perry, GA



[email protected]