J.L. Calderon


JL, born in the Dominican Republic, has lived in New York City since the age of 5.  JL attended St. Francis College where he graduated with a major in International Cultural Studies and played #1 for the tennis team.  As a coach, JL opened the first Tennis Muscle Memory School in NYC more than 20 years ago as an alternative way to learn to play tennis.  JL has also developed tennis programs at Lighthouse International for children who are vision impaired, as well as for those with special needs.   With over 25 years of experience in teaching tennis both on and off the courts, JL has been featured by many in the news media including CNN, ABC, NY1 and a host of other programs. JL has been a Staff Professional at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy, located at Sportime @ Randalls Island in New York City. He currently teaches independently in NYC.

Tennis Muscle Memory was founded by JL after more than eighteen years of research and development in the teaching of tennis.  In 2009 JL drove from New York to Florida to meet with Oscar Wegner and fine-tune the design and implementation of his Muscle Memory Board, and it is currently in use by many MTM-certified coaches who attest to its usefulness as a training tool for modern tennis topspin groundstrokes as well as for the volley and the serve.


J.L. Calderon

MTM Tennis Professional


New York City, NY



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