Cathie Clarkson


In addition to her MTM certification Cathy holds an Assistant Junior Coaches certificate with the Tennis New Zealand programme.


She currently coaches at Maraekakaho School with 70 students between 6 and 13 years old. She also coaches at the Havelock North Tennis Club under Club Coach Shane Wilson.

Cathy been coaching for 6 years and plays on 2 premier women’s teams at the Havelock Tennis Club.  Her 16 year old daughter a rep player for Hawkes Bay and plays for her school on the top team.

About Oscar’s method Cathy reports, “I found your videos on the Internet and was hooked immediately.  I understand the things you say, and using the simplest methods with the school kids noticed straight away they were enjoying it more.  I would like to learn more so I can put this into practice with myself and my students for all of us to improve.”


Cathie Clarkson

MTMCA Tennis Teacher

Hastings, New Zealand



[email protected]


Havelock North Tennis Club