Sam Cleary


Sam, 32, is an MTM certified coach in the South West London area. He has been coaching Oscar's MTM for four years after discovering the method himself and seeing his enjoyment of the game improve massively. He trained personally with Oscar in Florida in the Spring of 2016. Says Sam, "I worked with Oscar earlier this year out in Florida and it absolutely transformed my game and coaching, it was a brilliant experience and I have really enjoyed passing on Oscar’s philosophy of extreme simplicity to players of all levels since and seeing their rapid improvement. I love introducing complete beginners and improvers to the method and seeing their rapid improvement, and also enjoy helping more experienced players develop more feel for the ball."


Sam currently teaches tennis to juniors and adults of all age and ability levels in Sutton at the Rosehill Recreation Ground.


Sam Cleary

MTM Tennis Professional

Sutton, Great Britain


[email protected]





Rosehill Recreation Ground