Dean Wright


Dean coaches privately in Bandera, Texas. He has coached for the last 27 years in North Carolina and Texas. Dean is a member of the USTA Team Talent Identification Committee and the Global Tennis Federation.

Says Dean, “I first learned about MTM and Oscar Wegner 3 years ago. I was skeptical at first, then began to realize this was what I had been looking for. A method to teach the modern game in a way my students could learn quickly. The method is so simple they picked it up in no time and continued to get better through MTM's way of natural learning.

Oscar is in my opinion the greatest teacher of the game that ever lived. Business has boomed since I started using MTM and players continue playing, instead of giving up the game out of frustration, as I see many who were taught another way do. MTM is the way the pros play the game now, and juniors and adults are playing the same game as the pros. They couldn't be happier!!!

Dean Wright

MTM Tennis Professional

Bandera, TX



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