Diadem's mission is to provide superior high-quality performance tennis products designed for all levels of tennis players, while continuing to inovate and utilize cutting edge technology to evolve the game of tennis.

Star Core Technology

Star Core Technology is constructed with a patent pending hexagaram cross section. This technology uses a six-pointed geometric cross section that equally distributes contact between strings, thereby minimizing friction significantly to allow for explosive snap back. At the same time the star shape provides a larger surface for creating more bite on the ball at impact to achieve maximum spin potential.

SOLSTICE POWER - Designed For Spin, Enhanced With Power

Solstice Power is a co-poly string that features Star Core Technology, developed for maximum spin and designed with increased elasticity for easy power generation and excellent feel. This string is perfect for the plalyer looking to add spin along with penetrating power to his arsenal.

SOLSTICE PRO - Designed For Maximum Spin

Solstice Pro is a co-poly string that features Star Core Technology, developed for maxiumm spin with impeccable control. This string is perfect for the heavy hitting player who demands ultimate precision and performance.


"I love the Diadem Solstice 16g. string!!!! It's a great soft poly that with it's hexagram cut help me get more spin on the ball without losing durability. I will be recommending this string to all my players as they too will benefit from it."
Susan F. Nardi, MTM, PTR, USPTA Certified Coach

"With the Solstice Power 16 at 45 pounds I had as much control as I'm used to with Black Widow 18's at 45. The Diadem Solstice bites and gives plenty of spin."
Jeff Vine, MTM, USPTA Certified Coach

"The Diadem Solstice Power is my favorite string to date. I get incredible spin, good power without having to worry about over hitting, I also feel I get pinpoint control with both power and touch shots. The durability is a nice balance of lasting long enough, but not so long that I need to cut it out. It never feels harsh on the arm. I can usually get 10-15 good sets out of it, which is better than I do with most polys. During that time, the string performance seems to remain high and I don't notice any problem with tension loss. It's a bit tough to string and tie off knots."
Alex Tomlin, Junior Player

"I tried out the Solstice Power 16s on a racket I wasnt fond of. It's now the only one I use."
Lucile Bosche´, MTM, USPTA Certified Coach

"The Solstice Power has good spin for a 16 gauge diameter. It hits like a 17 or 18 and has good feel."
Manny Lopez, NTRP 5.0 Player

"Being a coach, I get to see a lot of different racket and string combinations. In March 2015 I saw Diadem strings used at the Ojai Tournament. When I got a chance to try them I noticed they are truly "soft" and have increased feel. My students are now asking me for the Diadem name. It's definitely a winner!"
John Carpenter, MTM, PTR Certified Coach

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