Yankuba Drammeh


At 23 years old, Yankuba is both a tennis player and coach of both the able bodied and the disabled in his homeland of The Gambia in West Africa. He has coached The Gambia's wheelchair tennis team in Kenya and the African qualifying round for the Paribas World Team Cup for the past 3 years. He also coaches The Gambia's junior players. Yanks is considered by many to be one of The Gambia's most outstanding tennis players.


Born in Bakau Newtown, he started his tennis career when he was a lad. Due to his seriousness and commitment to the game, he was given the opportunity to prove himself during the Gambia Open Tennis Championship. He made his first international debut for the Gambia in the U-13 International Tennis Federation Championship which was hosted by the Federal Republic of Nigeria when he was just 13-yrs-old, losing in the quarter final round. Despite the fact that he was not old enough to qualify, the ambitious tennis player was recommended for inclusion in the International Tennis Federation by an ITF representative who was amazed when he saw the magnificent performance of the young prodigy during this tournament.


Yank's most outstanding achievement in tennis came when he won his first-ever gold medal during an open championship in the Ivory Coast, which he described as a dream come true.  He has earned a total of five international tennis titles, including Benin in 2007 and Nigeria in 2004, 2006 and 2007.



Yankuba Drammeh

MTM Tennis Profesional

Banjul, The Gambia



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