Paul Dypwick


Formerly a club and tournament player, Paul was trained through conventional teaching techniques.  He began teaching conventional tennis a decade ago.

When first attending Oscar Wegner’s coaching clinics for MTM Instruction he was skeptical.  As he studied this method of instruction and became certified to teach MTM, he enthusiastically embraced this modern philosophy.

Over time, he has seen dramatic results with his students.  For example, he coached several students on to the high school tennis team with no previous tennis experience after only eight weeks of instruction.

He is alarmed that over the past 30 years the number of tennis players has dramatically declined and believes that this has occurred from incorrect instruction.

Says Paul, “Tennis is a simple game and easy to learn when correct instruction is provided”


“I have developed my game tremendously by learning the Oscar Wegner style.  Paul has helped me attain a more powerful first serve, a reliable second serve, crisp volleys and consistent ground strokes.”  Nathan Shirley, Varsity Boys Tennis Simi Valley High School

“I have had several tennis instructors and Paul Dypwick stands out as exceptional.  Paul is an excellent communicator who knows tennis well.  Paul, who teaches Oscar Wegner’s tennis methodology, is able to show and explain these techniques clearly.” Connie Dwyer


Paul Dypwick

MTM Tennis Teacher

Redondo Beach, CA



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