Duey Evans


For nearly two decades Duey has been an innovative force in the world of tennis, from taking beginner and intermediate players to pro and collegiate levels to starting competitive and recreational programs in communities where none existed.  

Duey has created, implemented and managed numerous tennis and educational programs at various clubs, academies and county park and recreation services across the Southeast. He also started several regional tennis tournaments that continue to be held annually.

As a coach, Duey builds a partnership with his clients to identify both short and long-term goals and then develops a detailed plan covering all areas of the required regiment that, when followed, ensures his clients reach their ultimate performance level.  Possessing a passion for working with young people, his clients include quite a few junior tennis players who rank tops in the the country and the world. 

Duey met and worked with Oscar in New York and has long been influenced by Oscar and incorporated MTM into his coaching.

Duey created Midcourt Tennis Academy more than 15 years ago while coaching in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, he's brought his Academy, programs, teaching philosophies, and ability for developing great players to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and Samuell Grand Tennis Center.


Duey Evans

MTM Tennis Professional

Frisco, TX

[email protected]



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