Peter Farthing


With competitive tennis experience at county level and two years at Temple Junior College, Texas, on a tennis scholarship behind him, Peter Farthing began coaching in 1993. He is LTA CCA qualified and currently coaches at Amherst LTC and Sedlescombe LTC, Hastings, UK.

His interest in human potential led him to become trained to Master Practitioner level in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), which provided him with many fascinating insights into the psychology of effective coaching. He then went on to qualify as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has assisted Paul McKenna Training on hypnosis, NLP practitioner and weight loss training courses.

Although inspired by ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ a number of years beforehand, a more in-depth study of the concepts began after hearing Sir John Whitmore speak at the BTCA conference in November 2001. Peter’s experiments with the coaching methodology brought immediate results and he started on-going training with Sir John and Caroline Harris the following year. This work evolved into the formation of Inner Works Coaching in 2004 and a personal commitment to the continued sharing of ever-improving effective coaching practice.

He has published articles for the BTCA and has worked with since 2011, hosting webinars and follow-up articles on ‘Coaching the Subconscious Mind’ and 'The Inner Game In A Nutshell'.

Peter has been working with Andy Knibbs developing and running coach education courses since 2004, firstly with the Inner Works Coaching team and more recently with the online training at Coaching Kids For Self-Belief.

He has had as much of a coaching revelation with MTM as he did with learning the Inner Game methodology and the non-directive coaching skill-set. The techniques have improved his own game (even at this late stage!) as well as helping his students and he sees that MTM, Inner Game and non-directive coaching can all work well together to enhance learning, performance and enjoyment in tennis.


Peter Farthing

MTM Tennis Professional

Hastings, UK

[email protected]



01424 421451 


Twitter: @Tennis_Pete  and  @Coach_PeteF





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