Brandon Ferris



Brandon is both USPTA and MTM certified. He has been a devoted student of tennis teaching methodology ever since he became USPTA-certified in 2003, and has always loved approaches that challenge conventional "wisdom" (in any walk of life). The first big eye-opener for him was John Yandell's high-speed video study of pro serves, especially Sampras', which so clearly contradicted everything that is usually taught.

But Brandon has used Oscar's methodology to take another leap forward - it's almost ridiculously easy and effective! He couldn't believe how quickly he was able to help his 12-year-old daughter cure her forehand "chop" and replace it with topspin. His own volleys, with which he struggled for years, improved in about 30 minutes after watching the video.

Brandon teaches tennis part-time (his main job as a strategic fundraising and technology consultant requires him to travel a fair amount), and now his enthusiasm for teaching has been re-ignited by Oscar’s Modern Tennis Methodology. He simply cannot wait to start incorporating MTM. "Many thanks to Oscar!"

USPTA Elite Professional
MTM Level 3 Tennis Teaching Professional


Brandon Ferris

MTM Tennis Professional


Bend, OR



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