Jason Gatling



A native of Houston, TX, Jason Gatling is a tennis competitor, coach, and avid fan. A natural athlete, Jason was introduced to the sport of tennis at age 11 by his mother who served as his primary coach for his competitive career. He was initially enrolled in the Zina Garrison Tennis Academy and although a late bloomer, Jason excelled in the sport. At age 13, a chance encounter with Nick Bollettieri at IMG Academy inspired a lifelong love of tennis. Jason remained connected with IMG for the duration his high school years, even winning the 14s back draw at their Junior Open. Other wins included the JV UIL 5-A District gold medal, and first place rankings at numerous JV tournaments for Jersey Village High School. At his height, Jason reached the 16s Super Champ division with a Texas and National ranking. He left tennis at that time to pursue basketball, returning to IMG Academy for additional training.


Jason has always believed that the right training and preparation coupled with the right opportunity yields success. When his break from tennis was over, Jason returned to the sport his freshman year of college at Lamar University. Although he was unable to play for the team competitively, Jason worked as a volunteer with the Lamar University girls’ tennis team and trained with the boys’ team.


When it looked like Jason’s future with tennis was coming to an end, he discovered a new beginning after meeting NeXXplayer coach Russell Grogan. Grogan introduced MTM and began a mentoring relationship that led Jason to coaching. Armed with a passion for the sport and drive for learning, Jason has been able to transform players mentally and physically. He has assisted competitive players in getting over the “hump” to find the next competitive level. For Jason, the game of tennis has just begun.


Here's what Jason has to say about making the transition to MTM, "I met Russel Grogan at the age of 20. When he introduced me to MTM it took a while to accept the concepts as different from what I had already learned. Once I did, it allowed me to progress instantly. Once I understood what MTM truly was, my game took off and I was even able to grasp how to coach and teach it efficiently. Within 10 month, I have learned, and been able to teach it to a few students. After applying MTM to my first official student, he is now in the Super Champ Division at 15.


MTM made my strokes more powerful, even without improving my overall strength. Your efforts become focused so you are able to strike efficiently and more naturally. Without MTM I was never able to truly know why I missed each and every shot I made. MTM gives the player and coach shared vision in a game of feeling. The fluidity of the methodology provides feeling that is unmatched by other teaching styles. It is a shame MTM is not the standard for teaching tennis. This would get rid a lot of misunderstanding and provide much more success across the tennis community as a whole."





Jason Gatling

MTM Tennis Teacher

Marietta, GA



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