Tomo Timothy Goh


Tomo provides tennis lessons in Singapore to both adults and children. Lessons are conducted at private condominium facilities or at the public courts which are widely available in Singapore. The duration of each lesson is one hour and is done on a weekly basis.  He is

currently teaching some 24 lessons per week.

Tomo’s students are made up kids as young as 4 years in age to 50 year old adults.  According to Tomo, no matter to what age group they belong, the MTM method works each time because of its simplicity. Usually he is able to get them to hit a slow rally within the service box by the end of the first lesson, the more adept ones are able to hit both forehand and backhand within that time frame. The idea of touching the ball and pushing it over the net is very effective for teaching beginners and for those with wild swinging strokes that lack of control.

About MTM Tomo remarks, “I came across Oscar Wegner’s MTM videos on YouTube a couple of years ago and decided to purchase his DVD then. It has been the best tennis instructions investment that I have ever done and has since become the go to knowledge vault whenever I need to refine my strokes or remedy problems that I see on my students’ stroke executions. My forehand has certainly benefited much from watching Oscar’s  DVDs, whereas I used to have big take back that was detrimental to my timing, his idea of having the racket in front to track the ball and a short back swing has put the much needed consistency to my forehand.

I would without hesitation recommend Oscar’s tennis instruction videos to anyone who is serious about the game of tennis.


Tomo Timothy Goh

MTM Tennis Professional





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