Caroline Gossage


Caroline is a Performance and Mental Skills Coach and has had the honour of being trained by Oscar Wegner. An expert in junior tennis athlete development and tennis program delivery, Caroline has distilled the information and wisdom into her coaching that she has gained from top class coach trainers like Oscar and thousands of hours of personal coaching experience.

She has taught thousands of juniors from all over the world learn to play tennis from beginner through to international standard and has helped hundreds of adults learn to play tennis better. With the experience of developing over nine successful tennis coaching programs both in the UK and Africa, including a top all female tennis academy that she ran until 2010 in Dorset, UK she has firmly established herself as one of the top tennis coaches in the county.

"I remember as I went through the days of the training course with Oscar, ticking off in my mind and making notes on how I was going to help the players I was working with. Modern Tennis Methodology makes it easy to learn the game of tennis and more importantly for me, is the simplicity of teaching the game and helping my clients achieve results in record time. What caught my attention about MTM was the idea of playing like the pros. I believe that, to be the best, seek out the best and learn from the best". It is one of the philosophies expressed in her book 'Are You A High Performing Coach?' in which she shares strategies for an outstanding sports coaching career.

Caroline was the first UK black female tennis coach to be registered with the Lawn Tennis Association. She is qualified in NLP & Sport Performance & Sport Psychology, Author and Founder of CG Tennis Academies.

In addition to being MTM certified and an LTA Senior Performance Coach, Caroline is a member of PTR, RPT, Sportscoach UK and USTA. She continues to coach juniors to adults and aspires to become a professional speaker.


Caroline Gossage

MTM Tennis Professional

Dorset, UK

[email protected]

44 07887856462


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