Muath Hanbali


Muath completed a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Jordan in 1991 and worked as an auditor for the Union Bank of Saving & Invenstment in Amman from 1992-2002.  In 2003 he began working as a tennis coach with Skills Village Sports Club in Amman.  His key responsibilities there include training the players on mastering the game and its playing techniques, preparing game strategies based on the player's strengths, opponent's game and the level of competitiveness, conducting practice sessions and preparing special work schedules to improve players’ competence.

He caters to the safety of the players, training them on proper techniques to avoid injury.  He also manages the availability of sporting gear and equipment within the club, the details of upcoming tournaments and the list of players representing the club’s academy. 


Muath Hanbali

MTM Tennis Teacher

Amman, Jordan

[email protected]