Hi-Tech Tennis


As a benefit of MTMCA Membership, MTM Certified Coaches are entitled to a

FREE MEMBERSHIP to Hi-Tech Tennis.


Hi-techtennis has the most detailed video collection of professional tennis players on the internet. All 1000+ vibrant, crystal clear video clips are shot at an 

AMAZING 60 FRAMES/SECOND so that you can see the fine details of every stroke hit by the pros. At 60 frames per second, the Hi-tech video library offers TWICE the detail of any stroke library on the internet.


Launched in 2006 by MTM-Certified Tennis Professional JEFF COUNTS,

Hi-Tech Tennis gives parents, players and coaches alike a visual platform from which to view just how the top athletes in tennis play, and offers insights into today's modern game and instruction from authoritative sources, including former tour player and world-renowned coach Oscar Wegner.


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