Julie Dybendahl


Julie currently resides and coaches in Tallahasee, Florida. A native of Australia she has formerly coached at The Gold Coast Seniors Tennis Club in Mermaid Waters and the Hope island Tennis Club in  Queensland, Australia.

Though she had a passion for tennis as a young child in Australia, Julie’s family economic situation did not allow her to reach the levels she aspired to in her junior career. “The passion stayed so after 16 years in the Police Force, I decided to learn tennis the proper way before I died!  By proper, I mean an effective way to reach higher levels, both technically and mentally.  My husband found Oscar’s book and gave it to me.  It changed my life. We learned  topspin and the windshield wiper in a local school yard and presto!  Watching Oscars dvds and playing I reworked my entire game. We both thought, gee, anyone could read this book and play really good tennis – what a concept.  I improved so much using MTM I ended up playing in the British Nationals at Wimbledon – wow! Thanks, Oscar!”

Julie went on to acquire a Tennis Australia development coaching certification, and she and her husband moved to the UK for 2 years in 2005 and 2006.  She continued studying Oscar’s methodology and realized that MTM made high level tennis affordable and accessible.   Julie saw LTA Mini-tennis in the UK and thought that it was an ideal way to get the kids into the game with instant success and the best way to grow tennis at the grassroots.  She founded a business in the north of England in Mini Tennis and learned everything she could about teaching kids. 

When I returned to Australia and saw the lack of kids playing the game using real "play like the pros" strokes at ages 5 & 6, and just being coached with real tennis balls on full courts, using outdated techniques with no real progress,  it prompted me to commence a Mini Tennis business in Queensland.   Jumpstart Tennis was born – getting people started playing tennis from scratch in under 2 hours!! What a way to make people happy!  I have lots of kids growing through the stages of our TA Hot Shots programme and with a clear pathway in front of them, extremely high retention rates per term, and we are still growing.  I am blown away with the maturity of the young children and their ability to hit proper strokes at the right time.  I use anything that works but by using MTM, it helps me to not only get them started on the right foot but to be able to take them through the higher stages of their development. 

Tennis Australia awarded Julie with the distinction of being a MLC Tennis Hot Shots Ambassador – of 22 Ambassadors countrywide, and one of only three female ambassadors in the country. 

In 2011 Julie traveled to San Diego, California to train personally with Oscar Wegner, earning her the title of MTM Pro/Tester, his coaching organization’s highest level of certification.    As the Director at South East in Queensland, Julie is a specialist coach, focusing on children aged 3 – 10 years of age. Although Julie and her staff teach adults the MTM way with unbelievable results, their focus is on children as they are the future.  They pride themselves on delivering a service for each child that they know far exceeds traditional tennis coaching and encourages children’s belief in themselves.  Says Julie, “I have big plans to take the Jumpstart name across Australia and change peoples views and lives due to tennis. I should know!” 

Julie Dybendahl

MTM Tennis Pro/Tester

Tallahassee, FL



[email protected]



205- 566-1905




TA Junior Development Coach
TA MLC Hot Shots Ambassador
LTA Coaching Level 1 certification
2005 PTR Dev Coach certification
Courses by Louis Cayer – UK
Advanced International Mini Tennis Certification – Uk 2006
MTM Pro L3- 2010

Coached by Oscar Wegner

MTM Pro/Tester L4-2011