Amadeo Juachon


“Jun”, as he likes to be called, started his tennis teaching career at the former US Naval Base in the Philippines, (Subic Bay) in 1984. When he migrated to the US in 1986, he was teaching tennis to friends and family on a part time basis. It wasn't until 2007 when he decided to go for his certification with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).  A year and a half later he earned his MTM certification.  He and his son enjoy watching Oscar’s DVD’s together.

Jun has taught in Vancouver, WA for the past several years, including as Assistant Coach for the Evergreen High School Varsity Tennis Team, where his players liked his use of MTM and opposing team members took notice of his coaching style.  Jun has recently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where he looks forward to putting MTM in play at the many tennis facilities in the southwest part of the city. 


Says Jun, "I am a former high school, college player and now Professional Tennis Registry certified (PTR) and Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM) instructor. I also taught tennis overseas and can teach beginners to advanced, individual to group or kids to adults. My rates are very reasonable and are great for those who don’t want to pay what the instructors at the local area tennis clubs charge. I can get your rating up from .5 to a full rating point up in no time if you are committed. Contact me via email if interested. I look forward to hearing from you."


Amadeo "Jun" Juachon

MTM Tennis Professional


Las Vegas, NV



[email protected]