Nipun Kakkar


Nipun has been a sports guy all his life, playing cricket in India, his country of birth.  When he moved to the US to pursue a Master’s Degree he played in cricket leagues in the DC/Virginia area and in Houston, where he now resides.   He took up tennis in July 2010 and quickly rose to the 4.0 level after playing #1 singles at the 3.5 state championships. 

Says Nipun, “I picked up the sport watching pros play, watching them in slow motion videos, emulating them and finding the style that suits me. I am predominantly an open stance player and have a topspin forehand. I started reading a lot about Oscar’s methodology, and I completely related to what he teaches. No one ever told me that this was the way to go, but this is what I developed naturally by just letting myself go with the feel. It is simply amazing how I became a follower of Oscar not by reading him first and then learning, but by connecting the dots backward and finding complete similarity in the way I learned tennis and his methodology”.


Nipun Kakkar

MTM Tennis Teacher

Houston, TX


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