Kim Kehl


Before he even knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, Kim knew he loved sports. As a scrappy kid, with not a lot of money, tennis was one of his first loves, playing wherever and whenever he got the chance, even jumping a fence or two on occasion.

His perseverance even got him a job as Head Tennis Pro at a Country Club while he was still an undergrad home for the summer.

After deciding he wanted to be a Teacher, and getting his undergraduate degree in Education with an emphasis in Physical Education, he decided to take it one step further and go for a Masters in Exercise Physiology.

Well if you know Kim, that probably doesn't surprise you. He loves exercise and he loves the mechanics of how the body works through exercise.

The minute PTR/USPTA and TRX decided to join forces to create a Cardio Tennis TRX program Kim was in the first graduating class!

His passion for tennis is only exceeded by his passion for learning about exercise and tennis.

The evidence for that is in how he became a certified pro in the first place. Always loving tennis, he began playing pretty intensely about 15 years ago after losing most of his top teeth playing basketball (ask him to tell you the story). Eventually he got to the point where he felt he just couldn't get any better learning from the pros he was working with at the club. So for him, the natural progression was to seek out the best of the best and start working on his pro certifications. This is how he met his good friend Butch Staples. But that wasn't enough. Once he got his USPTA certification he decided to challenge himself further and go for all the levels of PTR certification, and then Cardio TRX.


Most recently, Kim has joined the ranks as a Level 3 MTMCA Tennis Teaching Professional. He is the Head Pro at Big Bang Tennis/JCYs Champ Camp in Chicago, IL. Kim sums up his viewpoint about tennis coaching with a quote from Oscar Wegner, "Tennis has been thought to be, for more than a century, a difficult sport to learn. The main reason for this idea has been the complicated teaching style, aggravated by the idea that you have to move and position yourself in very peculiar, unnatural ways".


TRX Make Your Body Your Machine!
USPTR Professional Junior Development
USPTA Professional
USTA QuickStart Tennis
Cardio Tennis Licensed
TRX Cardio Tennis Licensed Trainer
PTR/PTA Kidz Tennis/Little Tennis
WIU MS Exercise Physiology 3.75/4.0
CSU BS Physical Education/Minor in Science 3.85/4.0
Racquet Stringer


Kim Kehl

MTM Tennis

Deerfield, IL

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Big Bang Tennis

JCYS Champ Camp