Zbigniew Kempa


Zbigniew was born in Tychy, Poland in 1976 and started playing tennis at 17 for fun, then seriously with a conventional coach several hours a day. “I think my natural abilities were hobbled by this poor instruction”, says Zbigiew, but he eventually surpassed the 4.5 NTRP level. 

Trained as a violinist, he believes that his musical ear, rhythm and feeling really helped his tennis.  In 2004 he became a certified instructor at Tennis Club Servicom in Tychy.  He studied slow motion video of the best players and tried to understand and adopt their technique to his own game, but only after finding Oscar’s revolutionary method did he gain confirmation of his observations. 

Says Zbigniew, “Now I can give people really good tennis instruction. I am very grateful to Oscar for his contribution to tennis and for helping me to understand my own game.  My goal is to help make tennis a mass sport in Poland by showing everyone how simple it is to learn and to progress with the fantastic MTM.

Zbigniew Kempa

MTM Tennis Teacher

Buczkowice, Poland

[email protected]