Joshua Kim



Joshua is a PTR and MTM-Certified Professional who coaches in the Suwanee, Georgia area. 

Oscar Wegner’s method has reaffirmed certain modern techniques that Joshua used instinctively and successfully as a player and coach. Joshua is convinced that the Modern Tennis Methodology is the best way to develop students into players.  He witnessed that the simple techniques inherent in the MTM have caused his students to learn faster than with more of a conventional style. 

According to Josh, conventional methods are barriers to success since there is a clutter of instructions to follow.  The students simply cannot find the ball with all the instructions running through their minds. With MTM, students can rally starting from day one of their tennis lessons.  They seem much happier from their accomplishments, and enjoy the game of tennis. 

MTM has really opened my eyes in how I coach and play tennis.  The improvement from my students is unbelievable.  Students from any age and skill level can easily learn tennis and enjoy the game faster.  The satisfaction of seeing students improve and be happier on the court is priceless.

Thanks to Oscar Wegner, Joshua looks forward to stepping on the court every day because he knows he is giving his students the best method of tennis instruction in the world.

Coaching:  Joshua has been teaching since 2008.  He has given private and group lessons to players of all ages, and in 2012 he began work with adult and junior ALTA/USTA teams. In 2015 Josh met with Oscar and his top MTM-Certified Coaches to obtain further training. In 2016 Josh founded the Modern Tennis Atlanta Academy, where he has teamed with fellow-MTM-Certified Pro Judd Sciortino, who will act as Co-Director. Josh and his highly trained staff will deliver the miracle of MTM to players and parents in the Atlanta area as well as certifying coaches in the Wegner Method.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Building Construction from Georgia Tech



Joshua Kim

MTM Tennis Professional

Suwanee, GA


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