Devin Knox


An avid athlete from a young age, Devin has been playing tennis recreationally since he was 10 years old. He quickly developed a powerful attraction to the sensation of perfectly hitting the ball and began to find great joy in teaching others how to experience it. For years, Devin searched for the best theory of the game. In February of 2015, Devin finally discovered Oscar Wegner’s theories and was immediately converted to the simple, intuitive, effective, and ultimately superior feel of Modern Tennis Methodology. Since then, he has been a devoted student of Wegner’s teachings and constantly strives to advance his knowledge.

His spark ignited by the discovery of MTM, Devin has been developing his role as a tennis teacher for his community. He has served as a volunteer coach at a local park, assisted in teaching a Beginners Tennis class at American River College, serves as Assistant Tennis Coach for Encina High School, and is in the process of establishing his own tennis class at the local Swanston Park. Additionally, Devin is serving as captain for a local 7.0 Men’s Doubles recreational team. He has also earned his ‘10 and Under Tennis’ certification from the USTA and is an NFHS accredited high school coach. He currently attends American River College, has an A.S. in Social Science, and is actively pursuing an A.A. in Communications Studies.

Devin specializes in the development of beginner to intermediate recreational players. His coaching philosophy revolves around positive psychology and the promotion of touch, timing, and feel to generate players who find joy in playing the game naturally and instinctively. Bearing a heavy emphasis on fostering a healthy mindset toward tennis and life, Devin takes a casual and friendly approach to teaching in order to create a positive and stress-free environment for his students.



Devin Knox

MTM Tennis Professional

Sacramento, CA



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