Ademir Koric


Ademir currently teaches Information Technology Pathway (ITP) at Soldan International Studies High School and coaches tennis at Block Yeshiva High School in St. Louis, MO. He was born in Bosnia in 1980. As a youngster he played table tennis competitively – but then the war started in his country, and other things simply became much more important that sports. He was 12 years old at the time.

After coming to United States as a 16 year old Ademir played soccer, basketball and coached wrestling.

It was not until Ademir was 30 years old that his best friend took him to a tennis court and he hit his first tennis ball. In August 2010, Ademir's journey of becoming a tennis player started and his “research” began. He read many tennis books and watched countless Youtube videos. He spent hours watching Roger Federer's forehands and backhands, the way he would approach the net and hit his overheads… then he would go on the court and try “replicate” the strokes and “the ease” with which he and the other pros would hit their shots. He took a few lessons in St. Louis, but explains, "After my 4th lesson, I stopped and took back to the courts, practicing my strokes against the wall." Then during the summer of 2011 he went to Bosnia and decided to take lessons with a pro there.

Says Ademir, "During some of my coaching sessions, I witnessed other lessons being taught at the same time and it really bothered me that so many students have been playing for sometimes a very, very long time and simply never fulfilling their potential. I can't tell you how many times I was on the court, listening to the "pros" teaching their students and quite literally getting angry at what they were saying; always teaching by "the rule book", always regurgitating the same old instructions that completely confuse their students."

Almost 3 years later Ademair can say with certainty that, "looking back now I wish I was exposed to Mr. Wegner's book and his method earlier because it would have saved me many hours of "being lost," looking for the proper feel and technique on the court. I can truly say that when I read Mr. Wegner's book "Play Better Tennis in 2 Hours" I felt a bit of revelation. The very things that he talked about in the book, the closed vs open stance, the generation of power through acceleration, and the real usage of topspin and feel in the game of tennis -- were the things that I unfortunately had to find out for myself. I am “an anomaly” in the tennis world. I am a tennis player with less than 3 years of experience, who is playing competitively with college-level players and even defeating them at times. Most people that I meet cannot believe that I have been playing tennis for such a short time and have accomplished the amount of skill that I possess at this time".



Ademir Koric

MTM Tennis Teacher

St. Louis, MO


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