Bob Kraft


Based in Hong Kong, Bob has been living in Asia since 1992 and traveled on the ATP & WTA tennis tours worldwide for 9 consecutive years. Born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois, Bob started coaching with Nick Bollietteri in 1975. Over the past 35 years Bob has managed clubs, served as Director of Tennis, Head Pro and Consultant for Coaching Development with national federations. 

Bob is an ordained Minister and works with pro tour players in this role.  Bob has seen how the players at the highest level play and think, and he believes that MTM best models how the players learn from the youngest ages and continue on to the pro levels.  He has trained personally with Oscar Wegner and appears in Oscar’s “Tennis Into The Future” DVD series.  Says Bob, "Coaching since 1972, I have attained USPTA Pro 1, National Tester PTR, USTA Clinician, worked for Nick Bollettieri and worked with world number one players.  I noticed the pros played differently than I learned to coach through traditional learning methods and organizations.  MTM matched how I see the pros play.  Parents and coaches from the tour and players around the world shared with me that these top 100 ranked players used a simplified and modern method at the earliest stages and stuck with it.  Players expressed to me they developed a top game by keeping their game simple, feeling the ball, and they were looking for ways to make their learning affordable.  In Oscar's method I found all three: simplified, natural, and affordable. I believe that a person with MTM training can empower an individual, revolutionize a coach's club, or a national program."


Bob Kraft

MTM Tennis Pro/Tester

Hong Kong, China

[email protected]