John Krishnaputra


John holds a postgraduate diploma in Social Science (Massey, NZ).  He started playing tennis at age 15 encouraged by his mother, a club champion.  After playing in high school he spent a summer at a Southern California tennis academy with minimum improvement, which he describes as the “worst tennis investment ever!”.  As a tennis instructor in Jakarta for 6 years he taught “the hard-way of conservative [unnatural] tennis, frustrating myself and my students!”

After playing tournaments in New Zealand winner of one-day "Prince" Winter Satellite Tournament (2011), John was very fortunate  to have found Oscar’s classic book "Play Better Tennis in 2 Hours" while at the university library and developed a fresh approach towards tennis. “Oscar’s teaching made so much sense and when practiced improvement is miraculously quick and easy saving a lot of precious time and energy for both student and teacher.”


John currently plays and teaches in Singapore. More recently he is also the title holder of the +45 Prince Pesta Sukan Open/Veteran Tennis Championships 2015 of Singapore.


John Krishnaputra

MTM Tennis Teacher

Singapore & Indonesia



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