Arthur Labenek


Arthur has always balanced his academic and athletic endeavors.  He completed his Masters of Public Ethics and Applied Philosophy at the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University in 2009.

Tennis has also been a major part of Arthur’s life: It offers him balance, grounding, structure, and discipline. He describes tennis as his constant, “the metronome of my life”.  He was the Head Varsity Tennis Coach for Carleton University and travelled in Canada and the United States to NCAA tournaments at Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth and Yale. 

Arthur is currently directing the tennis program at the Ottawa Athletic Club, teaching Oscar’s Methodology to over 500 students.

This summer 2012 Arthur will be directing tennis for the City of Ottawa using MTM techniques. 

I met Oscar Wegner in Armonk, New York and worked closely with him to learn his method of coaching.  After 15 years of coaching, I have never seen a more effective way of learning the wonderful sport of tennis."


Arthur Labenek

MTM Tennis Professional

Ottawa, Canada

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Ottawa Athletic Club