Akiva Lacterman


Akiva  has taught at the Grant Connell Tennis Centre run by Wayne Elderton, one of Tennis Canada's best known coaches.  Akiva has coached in Hawaii and France, where he developed a top junior in just four months.  Akiva is a 6.0 player, as good a modern coach as he is a player, something rare for high level players.

In Canada Akiva had a successful junior career winning many provincial singles titles before going into coaching. He has taught at the Inn at Manitou, The Sutton Tennis Academy in the UK, and the Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club.

Akiva carefully studied Modern Tennis Methodology, applied it to his students, and the results were phenomenal.  He applied MTM to his own game and saw dramatic improvements moving from a solid 5.0 NTRP to a 6.0 in a year, which he considers amazing because he thought he had reached his best level.  “I feel Oscar Wegner’s techniques are truly revolutionary. Simple. MTM is a system of teaching tennis in a way that allows people to play like the pros do. Totally natural, smooth, instinctive and calm with the latest biomechanics of technique taught in a simple way that everyone can understand. From beginners to advanced players, I enjoy how MTM simplifies the game . The mechanics feel so good and natural and they are so effective that I am amazed that the tennis world is so full of confusion, conflicting opinions and false information.  I feel Oscar Wegner’s Tennis in 2 Hours is the best tennis book ever written.


Akiva Lacterman

MTM Tennis Professional

Vancouver, BC Canada

[email protected]