Joe Lee


Joe Lee is a passionate coach who delivers simplified MTM tennis instructions to all ages. He has been coaching since 2013.

In 2016, Joe was introduced to MTM by Coach John Krishnaputra and was totally inspired by Oscar’s teaching because MTM instructions are so simple and easy to learn.


Regarding MTM Joe says, "After adopting MTM, my students achieve huge improvements just after 1 session with me. As compared to the past, now MTM has helped students to shorten their learning curve and save at least half of their time learning."

Testimonials from students:


"Joe is a nice coach who is very approachable and has immense tennis knowledge, especially in the area of modern tennis methodology (MTM). Upon my brief encounter with Joe and MTM, i have begun to learn how to relax and be more efficient while hitting serves and groundstrokes. This has also sped up my pace of learning significantly. As a result, I have begun to gain more confidence in my strokes. This is why I wish to use this platform to recommend Joe and mtm to any tennis players, especially beginners who look to take their game to the next level." -- Mr. Ming Chien

"Wonderful coach, giving me critical advise on the court whenever he finds any critical gaps." -- Ms. Wang Jue



Joe Lee

MTM Tennis Professional




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