MTMCA Membership & Certification Levels



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  1. 1)MTM Introduction (Level I)

Player who wants to learn to teach, minor (under 18), individual who wants to know more about the modern game, parent or school teacher with no previous MTM tennis coaching experience. Upon successful course completion the Apprentice will have gained the ability to deliver basic MTM skills to beginner-level players.

Requirements: Introductory Online Course only.

Student will receive a Course Certificate of Completion only

Certificate will read: “(name) has successfully passed the MTM Level I Introductory Course ”.

  1. 2)MTM Tennis Teacher (Level II)

Individual with some playing and teaching experience (6 months minimum incl. assisting in school, park, club or equivalent), team captain, school teacher with some on-court experience.

Requirements: per description above. Resume, video or on-court session with Clinician/Tester or Oscar demonstrating ability to deliver the methodology to beginner and intermediate students.

Certificate will read: “(name) is certified as an MTMCA Level II Tennis Teacher”.

Qualifies candidate for Continuing Education Courses.


  1. 3)MTM Tennis Teaching Professional (Level III)

Individual who has solid professional tennis teaching experience.

Requirements: Has passed the MTM Intermediate Course. Resume, video or session with Clinician/Tester or Oscar demonstrating ability to deliver the methodology to advanced-level students. This candidate is or has been engaged professionally as a tennis instructor.

Certificate will read: “(name) is certified as an MTMCA Level III Tennis Teaching Professional”.

Qualifies candidate for Continuing Education Courses


  1. 4)MTM Tennis Teaching Professional Clinician and Tester (Level IV)

Requirements: has passed all the requirements of MTM Tennis Teaching Professional and contributes substantially to the development of tennis in his/her community. Has had training with Oscar; or by recommendation of Oscar.

Has successfully completed the Clinician Course. The Clinician/Tester is qualified to coach players at every level and to deliver training and certify coaches in MTM.

Certificate will read: “(name) is Certified as an MTMCA Level IV Tennis Professional Clinician/Tester”

  1. 5)MTM Master Tennis Teaching Professional (Level V)

Tennis teaching professionals who have contributed markedly in elevating tennis to a primary position of popularity and prominence among all sports in their country or internationally, and have demonstrated full completion and proficiency of all the prior levels.

This level is to be granted by MTM Founder, Oscar Wegner.




  1. Honorary Membership

  2. (No fee)

Tennis Industry leaders or playing professionals.


  1. Coaching Membership

  2. (Fees as listed above)

Tennis coaches per descriptions above.



 (course fees cover certification, website management and administrative costs)