Aaron Liu



Aaron Liu is a family physician in the Philadelphia, PA area. As a child, he used to watch tennis with his father, who was a fan of MacEnroe, Borg, Naratilova, and Evert. After an unsuccessful attempt to learn alongside his father on an adult's wooden racquet as a small child, he began in earnest to play tennis in high school when he joined the tennis team, but he was not able to advance past the junior varsity level. In his late thirties, he began playing as an adult. After discovering Oscar's techniques, he discovered that he could play much better. He has been helping many tennis players with their technique without charge, and he especially enjoys getting beginners who have never played get started with the game.

Aaron is grateful to MTM for giving him the conceptual tools to ensure that he can play and teach tennis in a healthy way for many years to come. Aaron helps organize an on line tennis community in the Philadelphia area, and he has never had more fun playing.


Aaron Liu

MTM Tennis Teacher

Bala Cynwyd, PA


[email protected]



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