Javier Lopez Sanchez



Javier, 28 years old, hs been a physical trainer and assistant monitor at the TUC Tennis Club since 2013. He has also been an athletic trainer at the Athletics Coaching Club of Ramonville since 2012. He is a graduate in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport, and has a Masters in sports training.


Javier has practiced athletics from the age of 8 to 22 years, participating in several championships in Spain in the discipline of 5000m. At 23 he started playing tennis in France, and since then has not stopped. After spending 3 months without improving or enjoying tennis he happened to find MTM by Oscar Wegner and everything changed: "I never imagined that tennis would be so easy and above all that you could have total control of the ball in such a short time! I started to play and to coach tennis in France in a traditional way. I realized that students was taking a lot time to learn all skills. Sometimes I found that coachs tips were disturbing students more than improving their skills. I fall in love with Oscar Wegner Method when I saw my tennis skills improve but especially when i started to use the tips with my kids. Find It, Feel it and Finish to play in a natural way make tennis really easy."


Javier Lopez Sanchez

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Toulouse, France



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