Michel Loutchaninoff


Mikel was born in New York and lives in Houston. He played ITF and Eastern Section USTA 1972-79, D1 at NTSU 1981-85, the Satellite Tour 1979-1982 and French club tennis 1981-1983 Rambouillet & Bagnoles sur Ceze, FR France.

Mikel has a varied background in coaching, which has taken him around the world. He taught tennis as an assistant pro from 1980-1983 at Shamrock Hilton Tennis Center, Houston, Tx, at Club Med 1983-1985 (various global locations), the
Fédération Française de Tennis instructor/coach training for Club Med 1980, at the Humble Ind School Dist 1985, as
Asst Coach 2010-2013 at The Briarwood School, and is currently Asst Coach at Saint Pius X High School.

About using MTM Mikel explains, "I found MTM by looking into ways in helping teach my teenage son who has a non verbal learning disorder. As he was struggling for years with "conventional" teaching pros, methods and academies he continued to be stuck and frustrated as he couldn't "get it". He has been constantly stressed out about remembering and thinking about how to hit or move, etc. I was familiar with Oscar's videos and read up on his site. His ideas seemed to fit perfectly on how to help not only my junior playing son but so many others. I've been working on using his methods on my game and finding how brilliantly simple and natural it feels."


Michel Loutchaninoff

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