Motez Robinson


Motez is a USPTR certified tennis professional with over 10 years teaching and coaching experience. He is a former NAIA collegiate tennis player with a background in social and sport psychology.


Oscar Wegner has worked on court with Motez, who has recently published a book entitled The 7 Most Destructive Tennis Myths EXPOSED, which according to Oscar is, "very much in line with what we teach."


With a passion for helping players reach their tennis goals, Motez teaches individual and group lessons; conducts group clinics and Cardio Tennis classes; and he works with individuals on the psychology of peak performance.


Moreover, Motez's journey in tennis has been one of self- teaching and self-discovery, in that just about all that he has learned in this wonderful game has been because of his thirst for knowledge, a hunger to improve his own game, and a passion to teach and help others. Having learned so much on his own due to his own persistence,

Motez strives to teach all of his students—young and old—to think for themselves as much as possible versus having all the answers coming from the instructor.


Motez has worked with at-risk, underprivileged youths in an after-school tennis program, delivering life-skills presentations and with high-perfermance tennis players, teaching the states of minds that lead to peak mental performance. Says Motez, "Very simply, we are taught to look outside of ourselves to find the keys to happiness, success, and freedom. I believe that we should look inward, to our innate wisdom, creativity, and insights for these and other answers. Too often we want to blame external circumstances and situations for our disappointments and failures when all we had to do was be still, allow the mind to calm, and all the answers we need will come to clarity. This is referred to by many as "the zone" when we perform at out best "without thinking about it." I teach individuals how to achieve "the zone" more often."




Motez Robinson

MTM Tennis Professional

St. Petersburg, FL



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7 Most Destructive Tennis Myths