MTM Defined


Back in 1968, after five years on the tour, I had an idea. What would happen if I synthesized the common traits of the best players of all time and applied them to everyone, from kids and beginning players to adults of all levels? My testing ground wound up to be the Beverly Hills Tennis Club. With the endorsement of Pancho Segura, who witnessed the results with some of his most famous Hollywood clients, the new concept was born.

I tested this coaching methodology in Spain in 1973 at the national junior team level and the results were astounding. Rather than a few players succeeding in competition, all players showed progress and confidence. Spain adopted this methodology, and modern tennis history was formed.

Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Association (MTMCA) certifies coaches throughout the world using a certification system via our online Modern Tennis Methodology University (MTM-U).   For a full education in MTM coaching, the elements are all in my book and DVD materials.  Qualification by MTM courses and exams coupled with any other training you may have will permit you to become a professional practitioner.    



Uncomplicated by false data which has plagued tennis for decades, MTM™ (Modern Tennis Methodology™) mirrors the simplicity of how the top players actually play. Popularized by my tips and appearances on ESPN International and my books and videos around the world, MTM has become the universal key to tennis success. MTM, as a methodology, has influenced players and coaches from Moscow to Buenos Aires, from all of Europe to Asia. Today all top players apply these principles, whether learned by instinct or taught.

MTM, skillfully applied, can do exactly what it claims, teaching the public to play like the pros in the most simple, easy and efficient way. Because of its effectiveness, MTM inadvertently exposes less successful ways of teaching tennis, built on random observation rather than the consistently accurate methodology based on the naturality upon which MTM is grounded.  Other instructors and their systems, some well known and seemingly well regarded purveyors of “modern tennis”, hoping to borrow some success from MTM, fail to hit the mark.  Their methods, simply put, do not work.  Their results are much the same as those which would have been achieved had nothing been done, or worse still and to the detriment of unsuspecting players, their results may hinder or destroy a player’s natural ability.

MTM even works in relatively inexperienced hands. It is not original.  It is based upon the mechanics of natural laws and the strokes of the greatest players of all time.  With directness and simplicity it arranges an assortment of previously disordered data.

The purpose of MTM is to make available to the masses a tennis methodology that will, when applied diligently, result in a greater sense of ability, enthusiasm and interest in this wonderful sport.   We seek to achieve our purpose with resoluteness, determination and a vision of clarity, good will and kindness, intended to help people play a better game.  I invite you to join us.

With my best regards and wishes, 

Photos Art Seitz