Vladimir Makogon


Vladimir started playing tennis in 1978 at age 5 in the city of Sochi, Russia.  Tennis schools were starting to be built and tennis as a sport took off.  Many of today's Russian tennis stars actually came out of Sochi Tennis schools.   As a junior he played many tournaments and once participated in the Junior Tennis World Cup that was held in Sochi.

He’s taught tennis for nearly twenty years to friends, family, neighbors and kids at schools and after-school programs and then got hired in a resort club due to his results.  “I did not get certified by any of tennis federations because I didn’t care for nor believe the stuff they had in their manuals really worked as I am a big follower of Wegner's method.  I have all of his publications and videos and been studying his books as well as applying his concepts in my coaching. The results are great.  I was able to get a nice tennis job in Coronado Tennis Club in Panama where I teach most of the year, returning to Halifax, Canada for few months in the summer.  In Panama many of the Latin American coaches I worked with were wishing Oscar’s videos were in Spanish as we all loved his stuff.  I get to teach the game all year round and I love it.  Now I am doing coaching full time for my kids as well as kids in the area (ages 5 to 10). I also offer tennis lessons in our community and am building a website to promote game and Wegner’s style. Getting a Professional Coaches Certificate from MTM is an excellent idea for my desire to grow the game.


Vladimir Makogon

MTM Tennis Professional

Halifax, Canada

[email protected]