Mike Mansvelt


Mike was very fortunate to receive coaching from the top coach in Johannesburg, and probably South Africa. Tennis techniques have always fascinated him so he bought Bill Tilden’s book Tennis A to Z. He was forever trying out new tennis techniques. He had a vicious forehand using a closed stance, with a big backswing and long follow through. Around 2006 his left knee became painful, so he switched to an open stance forehand. He discovered the improved mobility made getting around the court so much easier.

Mike asked a local coach to help him with his backhand. He proceeded to take Mike's strong forehand apart, and go back to the traditional style. Mike was very unhappy, and one day looking on the internet discovered Oscar Wegner. Says Mike, "Oscar had gone through a similar experience, and I felt I had discovered a soul mate. I bought Oscar’s book and videos, studied and applied the techniques. They work beautifully."

Mike has served on the committees of various tennis clubs for a total of more than 25 years. In 2000 he was voted in as President of the Jacaranda Tennis Club in Uitenhage. The club had been torn apart by warring factions, but with the help of a few individuals we set about turning the club into one with a congenial atmosphere. They have an interclub round robin twice a year. Previously, members who did meet the standards did not play, but they changed that. They were so successful that the club became known as the club in the district and had out of town new members streaming in to join from as far as forty miles away.

Mike seems to have been blessed with a special talent to teach the game. "I have used Oscar’s methods the last few years to help several tennis friends, and people who have never played before, with phenomenal results."


Mike Mansvelt

MTM Tennis Teacher

Uitenhage, South Africa



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