Ric Morton



Ric offers tennis lessons for beginners of all ages.  Using Oscar Wegner's Modern Tennis Methodology he shows beginners how to hit the ball correctly and allow their own natural athleticism to take care of everything else.

In 2005, after winning a battle against cancer Ric began learning to play tennis for a fun way to exercise and socialize. After serving as Captain of a Local League Champion USTA Tri-Level Adult Men Doubles Team in the USTA/Southern Section, Assistant Coach to a local middle school tennis team and creating and managing an online tennis group, Ric became interested in teaching others what he learned from Oscar Wegner and became MTM certified.

According to Ric, "MTM teaches the best biomechanical principles for beginners learning to play their best tennis. Choosing a good tennis teacher, the right teacher, may mean the difference between loving tennis and hating it. Beginners can learn to play tennis quickly, easily and properly by following Oscar's method, and the beginner’s tennis game will never be the same!"

Ric lives and teaches tennis in Lake County, Florida.


Ric Morton

MTM Tennis Teacher


Lake County, FL



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