Gerhard Nieuwoudt


Gerhard Nieuwoudt is a tennis development coach in South Africa. He is currently doing tennis development in the less fortunate communities of the North West Province of South Africa. More than a 100 children from rural areas are learning and playing tennis on a weekly basis.


Gerhard started his tennis coaching career in 2007 in Botswana where he coached 400 children from 4 private schools in the capital city Gaborone.


In 2008 he went back to his hometown in South Africa and started with tennis development. Since 2008 more than 1000 children have received tennis coaching through his tennis academy and non-profit sport development organization.


Tennis is regarded as a rich man sport and therefore children from less fortunate communities in South Africa never get the opportunity to participate or learn tennis. Parents don't have the means to pay for professional tennis coaching. Gerhard decided to change this and approached various companies and local businesses to invest in the lives of young people and in the sport of tennis.


He continue to push to boundaries of sport and sport development and has been endorsed by the South African Police for playing an important role in crime prevention in South Africa.


Gerhard Nieuwoudt

MTMCA Tennis Professional


Coligny, South Africa



+27 813033880


[email protected]