Chris Nuqui


From a very young age tennis has been Chris Nuqui's passion. An IT professional by trade Chris took on the challenge of coaching his own children in 2004. Both have reached a very high standard; his daughter who is the older of the two has gone as far as playing national and international tournaments, his son who is 4 years younger is currently playing at a regional level and both continue to progress and train hard.


In March 2014 Chris decided that tennis was something he loved so much that he packed in his IT profession to coach full-time. He is now doing what he loves most and passing on the knowledge to other children and adults who are just as passionate about tennis.


Chris is a certified MTM, PTR and Sanchez Casal instructor for both adults and juniors. Although his teaching methodology is mainly based on MTM, Chris keeps an open mind as tennis is a forever-changing game. Says Chris, "Oscar Wegner, who is known to be the father of MTM, is a very close friend of mine and we continue to communicate whenever possible as his knowledge and advise about the game are like rare gems to me."

Chris started his website to keep all those who are part of the Love2Play family up-to-date on the latest news of what's going on in tennis.


Chris coaches at the Brentwood Hardcourt Tennis Club in Brentwood, Essex, England.




Chris Nuqui

MTM Tennis Professional

Grays, England








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