Steve Pfaffle


Steve Pfaffle has been playing tennis for nearly 25 years.  Originally trained in the "traditional" approach he felt there was a disconnect from the way he was playing and most modern pros. After a lengthy hiatus from tennis, Steve stumbled onto MTM, which he used to reinvent every one of his strokes from the ground up and quickly began playing the best tennis of his life. 

Since 2010 Steve has been coaching "the way the pros play" to juniors and adults.  He is dedicated to teaching youngsters the most efficient techniques from the beginning, as well as helping adults with traditional backgrounds transition to the simplicity and ease of modern strokes.  With great success Steve has seen how the "find it, feel it, finish" mantra can change a student’s game overnight. 

Steve is currently coaching at Amazon Park and Westmoreland City Park in Eugene, Oregon.


Steve Pfffle

MTM Tennis Teacher

Eugene, OR

[email protected]