Shawn Pool


Shawn coaches girl’s tennis at Silverton High School, in Silverton Oregon. He began coaching 10 years ago, and came across the MTM DVD package, which he ordered and has thoroughly enjoyed.


Silverton is a small town in a rainy area with no indoor courts. So, Shawn's girls play about 3-4 months out of the year. However, utilizing the techniques promoted by Oscar, they regularly place third in their district, the toughest 5A league for tennis in Oregon, due to MTM’s methodology. The only two teams they have yet to beat are club teams, who have players on the junior tour. Says Shawn, "Not only would I like to give Oscar credit for that, but I have been able to coach 40+ kids, on 4 courts, and still reach this level of success."


Shawn Pool

MTM Tennis Teacher

Silverton, OR



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