Herold Prins


Born in the Netherlands Herold grew up in a multi-sport environment (Speedo swimming, Sailing, Alpine Skiing, Ice-speed Skating, Volleyball and Football (soccer). Tennis was his most favourite sport. He started to play internationally from the age of 19, however an accident stopped that career pathway.


Instead, Herold studied Biology. He did his Thesis in Tropical Ecology in British Guyana: How adaptable are trees to selective logging, as a sustainable way of practice? He got his Marine Biology degree and got a First Degree in Teaching at the International School(IS)/International Baccalaureate (IB). He gained Coaching Certificates in Alpine Skiing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, Ice-speed skating and Tennis, becoming a certified Level 2 Advanced Tennis Coach by the KNLTB (Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association), ATPCA and TA (Tennis Australia).

Herold's biggest passion about tennis is to coach juniors with modified tennis equipment. Programs he use are Tennis Whizz (UK, USA), PeeWee Tennis (Wilson tennis program), Girls Tennis Network, Hot Shots Program, Cardio Tennis, Tennis into School and regular tennis. His main focus is encouragement and a fun experience, through which technique will develop in confidence and a safe environment, with the game-based approach to learning as a key element.


Herold has been coaching for more than 20 years in total, the past 10 years in Port Douglas. His next goal is to implement mental coaching into tennis especially when students start to play competitions.

Says Herold, "Twenty years ago I got Oscar Wegner’s book “Play Better Tennis In 2 Hours”. I was fascinated by the simplicity of the technique and the idea that someone could learn tennis within 2 hours. The coach I was working for did not recommend that I go that pathway and stay with conventional tennis. Now as the head-coach here in Port Douglas I am very open to develop more ways how to play tennis. This was encouraged by the ATPCA. I have looked at many videos of Oscar and tried his method a few times out with incredible results. Within 1 lesson juniors, who hardly could hit a ball let alone topspin balls, were transformed in no-time. This made me convinced that the method works for those juniors and adults who do have some eye-hand coordination. Implementing Oscars idea’s of waiting for the ball as if you would catch it improved my own game as well."


Herold Prins

MTM Tennis Professional

Port Douglas, AU



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