Danniel Ruyange


Danniel joins MTMCA as a Certified Professional with a host of impresive qualifications. He is a former Uganda Lawn Tennis National champion, Uganda Davis cup team captain, physical trainer of Regional cricket camps, physical trainer Uganda U-19 team ICC World cup qualifiers Namibia (2006), physical trainer Uganda U-19 team ICC World cup qualifiers South Africa (2013).


Of Oscar Wegner and MTM Danniel says, "I want to thank Mr. Oscar Wegner himself for coming up with these beautiful ideas, the videos and the books. They're really doing a good job for me and also for my students, and also my students are improving by learning in the modern way, as opposed to the conventional way."


Danniel is Head Coach at the ROL Tennis Academy in Kampala. Rol Tennis Academy is composed of former Uganda national tennis team players, local national champions, I.T.F, A.T.P future’s players, U.L.T.A chair umpires, line judges and Uganda cricket team players, as players, coaches and officials.


ROL facilitates the training and placement of young, upcoming and promising tennis players in Uganda. Since 2012, over 100 athletes have joined the Academy with the hope of becoming professional tennis players, tennis umpires and coaches.


In 2012, the "Excellence for the future” concept was born with the creation of the academy, which will continue to allow students, once they graduate from high-school and University to consider sports as an opportunity of social networking, healthy, physical and metal conditioning of the body. Today, “Excellence for the future” is not only a concept of training but also a philosophy of hard work present in all areas of the academy, which is based on two ideas: “TO LEARN EFFORT” and “TO BECOME A HARD WORKER”. These two pillars of the athletic success are the Academy's educational values and now guide our action and creativity.





Danniel Ruyange

MTM Tennis Professional

Kampala, Uganda



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